Module bracing and work continues.

A full day of work today. All of the formers for module 2 were modified to remove weight while keeping form, then spaced and fitted to the alignment spar, (centroid). I generated a large cutting list for all the module 2 stringers, then started cutting some, but ran out of screws so that was it for today on them.

Turning my attention to the front module, I’ve been plotting a way to remove the spar, while still being able to rotate the module to work on the foam. If the foam is done first, there’s no way I could remove the spar later. I recycled an old aluminium vehicle tray-carrier frame and used it’s right angle with a diagonal brace under tension to support the cantilever forces once attached.

The second module will be even better, based on lessons learned from the first module. My workflow has solidified now, so all future modules construction will flow a lot more smoothly.

A quick visual on where the head up display unit will sit fore of the cockpit, high on the back bulkhead of module 2

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