Builds By Baz to promote self-healing.

*This page will develop and evolve as one of support for the health and well being of mainly men but not exclusively so, around the world, but particularly in Australia. As a man suffering with my own man problems, I cannot speak for women, but I am quite sure much content here will apply and be helpful to both genders.
Stay tuned.
Support for anxiety, depression and suicide.
Australian Men’s Shed Association
Lifeline Australia – Crisis Support, suicide prevention

Need a hand? What can Builds By Baz do?

I would like BBB to inspire others to have a go and, “Just build it”.
Because creative pursuits help so many people deal with life, small problems and large. Everything from some simple chillout time, to dealing with depression, PTSD, grief and other stresses of life. Even medical professionals will recommend things such as, “Men’s Sheds”, as part of emotional healing in a mental health plan.
Building things with your hands gives you focus, zen, a place to go, me time – whatever you want to call it – that takes you away from your troubles, allowing your mind to rest while doing something that doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time. It also gives you satisfaction like nothing else. It can even radically change your life for the better if you let it. At the very least, it can offer you some positive escape to help you through whatever it is you are going through. It certainly helps me cope.
Hopefully by encouraging this line of thinking, others out there may find a happy place, become inspired and give themselves new meaning, definition, purpose and self-worth if needed.
Where to start?
Please, have a browse around the site, look for inspiration, ask me questions and i’ll try to point you in the right direction as best as I know how.
Off the top of my head I can recommend sites like Pinterest, where you can set a few preferences and get themed feeds, showing you your craft of choice. From there, you can YouTube search demo and tutorial videos to get you started.
Specific forums are great. There are blade forums for making knives and blacksmithing, replica prop forums and cosplay forums, metal and wood forums, all full of awesome ideas and expertise, willingly shared with the community.
Don’t have any tools? No workshop?
Besides going to men’s sheds, you may want to start small at home. It all starts with a roll of tape, some glue, paint and some simple hand tools. These can be bought pretty cheap or even just ask around to see who might have surplus tools. It could just be an extra screwdriver that someone has. Before you know it, you may find yourself amassing a large collection of tools to help you create.
Part of being creative is finding creative ways to solve problems. Once you have a few tools and start making things, you might need another tool that you can’t afford. Look at ways to make that tool, or find an alternative way to get the job done. There always is.
Forges made of scrap metal, tree stump for an anvil and apron even made from upholstery scraps.
Every time I pick up a biography of some master craftsman out there, there is always the bit in the foreword at tells the story of humble beginnings. A milk crate with a clamp on it and half a hacksaw blade and blunt file. Sure, it’s basic, hard work and takes longer, but you can still make awesome stuff with drive, determination and a little imagination.
Most of this was done with a pair of tin snips and a hammer, bashed out on a cheap foam mat.
At least get yourself some eye, ear and lung protection.
What about materials?
You’d be amazed what you can make with just paper. Seriously, google paper projects on the internet. Jaw dropping stuff. Paper guns, paper train sets, paper aircraft, spaceships, body armour, costumes, you name it. All with standard printer paper and some PVA glue.
If you are looking for wood, metal or plastic and can’t afford to buy it – look for alternatives. Ask around. Bust up an old pallet and use that wood. Use cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic bins and tubs, polystyrene boxes and packaging, metal biscuit tins for sheet metal. There are all kinds of household waste objects that can be turned into something amazing. Even building sites have large skip bins absolutely FULL of usable junk to be re-purposed into something incredible. Go ask the site manager if he’ll let you rummage through it. You get the idea, now go have fun!

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