ED – 209

Enforcement Droid model 209, (ED-209) from the 2014 remake of Robocop.

For now, I am building a small scale, (550mm tall) replica. After some of my other major projects are completed, I may take on a full-size build of this armoured machine.

Pepakura model first.

The idea here is to establish a shape, however flimsy, as a guide. Standard A4 is difficult to work with because it bends and distorts so much, but it is far more accurate to the sub millimetre than thicker material. The inside can be lined with pieces of thicker card, hot-glued, or even filled with expanding foam. Once supported, the outside can be hardened, refined and sanded. After that, holes can be drilled, parts can be cut off and detailed, replaced, refined – the sky is the limit.

It’s a big model at over 50cm tall, but the pepakura folding and cutting is so detailed, it would be very difficult to make one smaller.

Resin hardening.

Using fibreglass resin, the pieces have been painted and the paper converts to a hard shell. They can then be filled with a slushy mix of car-body-filler and resin to make them solid enough to drill, file and sand into better shape and detail.

While I’ve been slow to get in the shed and pour the slush-cast into every little piece, I thought of a good idea. Some of the shapes are flat, so why not just trace them onto the correct thickness of wood and cut them out with a jigsaw? Worked a treat!

4 July 2018 – Assembling the main parts.

7 July 2018 

I glued/screwed most of it together, but a lot of it is too weak to support it’s own weight, (hence the tube I have it perched on). As I get time, I will modify/reinforce/replace parts with more solid materials.

8 July 2017 – Modifications and making it solid.

Now that I have the basic model shelled out, it’s time to go to work on making it solid and free-standing, then onto the detailing and smoothing.

I started at the feet, making aluminium support brackets under the feet, attached to wooden struts to be the main weigh-bearers for the model.

12 July 2018 – Mods continued…

The balance is perfect, but strength is lacking. Touch it and it breaks. Resin without mat is just too brittle. So, I took it apart again and am replacing each part with either wood or metal, depending on thickness and detail required.
Piece by piece, I’ve been finding ways to use scrap materials around my shed, suitable to replace the paper model parts. It’s great to have a three dimensional object to scale and compare. I turned the weapon pod pivot plates on the lathe then carved the rest out of ply. Aluminium plate has come in handy for load-bearing connections and armoured plating.
14 July 2018 – Adding details.
Starting with a few layers of plywood to the right thickness, I chiselled, filed, drilled and sanded some details, adding other blocks and pieces of wood to layer in extra interest.
15 July 2018
Every now and then, I get a chance to scoot outside and tinker with bits of wood. Using every little opportunity, even if it’s a stolen five minutes, it’s amazing what can happen.
22 July 2018
27 July 2018
Now replacing and detailing the legs with solid wood and articulating with telescoping steel tube.

Reference photos and info.

As always, a build like this needs lots of research and reference material to get it right.

(Image credits to ThreeZero toy company, random internet pics and some screen grabs from our good YouTubers.)

Tech Specs
3.35m tall (11’)
3,420 kg (7,550 lbs) – fully loaded
Max road “running”, 30 km/h (18.64 mph)
Max off-road, 20 km/h (12.43 mph)
Twin .50 cal. Cobra cannons
Hellfire missiles

Some screen shots of small details, from a ThreeZero model on YouTube.