Having built models from kits, to scratch-building known works up to life size, I thought it was time to come up with a design of my own. Mech is something I’ve wanted to try for a while as it is technical and futuristic. To design one of my own, gives me greater freedom to use whatever I have and make it up as I go along, which really appeals to me.

I started out with a very large selection of leftovers and garbage from years of hording in my shed. After sketching a rough chassis, based on materials abundant and available, I set to the task of building said chassis, then adding technical-looking bling to it. Built up in layers, with top-layers partially obscuring lower layers, the thing starts to look like it could actually function.

Once built, it will be mounted to a base plate with a diorama built onto it. then airbrushed to finish.

23 November 2019

Filling in the front of the turret/cockpit. Most of the unit is now sealed, with some details to add to break up some of the round underbody parts.


26 November 2019

Front filled in and base coat applied. That makes it all one machine. I have a few armoured plates and shields to screw on over some of the round parts to break them up. The last few airbrush accessories will arrive tomorrow, then I can start the paint detailing proper.
29 April 2020
Painting begins in earnest. It’s evolving as I go. Might add or change some things along the way. Military markings and lighting are also on the cards soon.