Man of the match.

Introducing my good friend James. I met James through a Facebook photography friend, Ben. Ben saw what I was doing and my pleas for help and immediately contacted his friend James. He asked him if he would like to use his expertise to join this project for kids and kelp out a complete stranger. He jumped at the opportunity!

Over the last couple of years, it’s been hard to align out busy lives to get things done. We’ve had the challenge of awaiting parts from overseas, setbacks and glitches. James has figured out every single one of them with his vast experience and lateral thinking.

He has been an impressively hard-working, stoic, determined, thoughtful and ingenious specialist in realisation of the Iron Man electronics I could have ever hoped for. He’s taken my ideas and made them reality, plus thrown in brilliant ideas I would never have thought of.

It may have still happened without him, but it would probably have taken a few more years and I may even have had to pay for professional services, even though I doubt they would have been as helpful, flexible and cheerful about it.

In the three years I have spent building this suit, James has picked me up out of my depression and frustration and got me excited about my build many times when I’ve been ready to give up on the whole thing.

James deserves so much recognition for stepping up to the plate and enthusiastically volunteering to help out a total stranger. I am glad to call him friend and grateful for blokes like him in my life.

God bless you mate.


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