Viper Build

You have arrived at Baz’s Viper project. Here you will find photos, videos, work-in-progress, planning and reference used for the build.

Mission: To build a MK II Colonial Viper at full scale. (8.4 metres) (2003 reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica.) Finished prop will be displayed at relevant venues as they occur and when convenient.

Models: Photos of studio-used prop as reference and Zoic’s CGI design as a base, heavily modified by a friend and 3D CAD operator.

Planning: Modular design for ease of storage and transport. Material considerations focus on recycling local industry packaging and waste-materials. Real-world aircraft instruments sourced from Australian aviation industry, uncalibrated, rejected or unserviceable to keep costs down.

Materials: Steel frame, plywood formers, polystyrene base for shape and fibreglass skin. Resin replacement for compatibility with polystyrene.

Accessories: Instruments and electronics, sound, motion and lighting hardware. Flight suit, helmet and accessories. Other relevant props.

Motivation: Building stuff is a big part of what makes me, me. Without it, I would lose part of myself and the joy it brings to create something with my own hands. God gave me the gift of my hands and I would not like to disappoint Him by not using such a gift.

So say we all.