Adding Details

I have been saving up money for the upcoming Viper-trailer build, by making more of my famous blades and selling them. ( )

While I was waiting for all that to happen, I had some time to look at the finer details of the Viper.

I added some missiles under the wings, installed hard-points and missile rails and designed my own, based on lots of reference photos of real world ordinance. The TV series did show them briefly, but were severely lacking in detail. The Viper specs state that they are there, but you rarely see them on photos or screenshots.

This gave me a lot of licence to make up what I felt was appropriate. I labelled them HE-35 on the warhead, modified the colour scheme and coloured designation bands. I called them the BAZ-321 missile and also made one with a little salute to Lee Stringer. Not a stinger missile, but a STRINGER missile.

I’ve also added some greeblies in the nose avionics panel, attached REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tags and fabricated some FOD covers for the intakes out of craftwood and foam.

Also added a weapon safety arming block to the starboard cannon. This one is a little more movie-accurate than the port side one I designed with a bit more function.

I did all of this using mostly leftover scraps from my workshop and other projects, spending minimal cash at the hardware stores.


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