Iron Man visits sick kids at Ronald McDonald House.

26 June 2018

The Iron Man team was privileged to be invited to visit the kids at Ronald McDonald house. There weren’t as many kids there as we are used to, but even one is enough. The kids got a surprise as they were brought into the room, where a shiny red metal man was hiding around the corner. Lots of high fives and fist bumps were exchanged.

At one point, while waiting in a hallway in the hospital, two adorable little girls stepped through the sliding glass doors from the foyer into the ward. Boy did they get a shock! A bit shy to start, but they both plucked up the courage to come and grab a high five from Iron Man.

Later, my roadies informed me that there were a pair of little eyes spying on me through the glass, so I snuck along the wall and popped my head around the corner, lights on! Squeals of delight and running back to the cover of mum and dad until turning around to find a bewildering empty space where the shiny eyes and head appeared. Rinse, repeat and they had lots of fun playing peekaboo with this strange armoured man.

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