Starlight Children’s Foundation 2018 Fundraiser

Photos from the day’s event, which was a huge success!

The 2018 Starlight Children’s Foundation fundraiser at Zing Pop Culture in Tuggeranong, Canberra this weekend – was a huge success with the Iron Man suit! The kids loved it! I think a few adults went a bit nuts too…. :p

I couldn’t have done it without the endless patience and generosity of my road team, James and Shane, who do all the electronics, lugging the boxes of equipment in and out of venues, bolting me in and out of the suit and crowd control for me.


To top it all off, the tough little guy, Zeke, whom we visited in hospital some time ago, is doing well now and couldn’t wait to come down and pay Iron Man a visit! I was so stoked to see him there and get a photo with him! Awesome kid!

“The boy and his hero… Iron Man, you really have made a huge impression on Zeke…. As sick as he was (and he was so very sick) in hospital, he still remembers you coming to see him. And I’ll never forget it [​IMG]❤.

Thank you Baz and team.”

Zeke’s Mum.

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