Viper trailer/display podium.


31 July 2023

As the build finish-line looms ever closer, planning has started for the trailer to store, transport and display the Viper at events.

Considerations have been made, with more decisions to be finalised and approved. Road safety and road-worthiness, registration, engineering and safety, braking and electrical systems, suspension, security, weather-proofing, Australian standards, crowd control at events, towing vehicle considerations and limitations, interactivity and safety at events.

I’ve been in discussion with some reputable people in the industry, who have all given me some good advice, leads etc. I will be constructing it myself in my workshop, then taking it in for inspection at the motor registry.

Below are some concept mock-ups in cardboard, to help plan for dimensions, centre of gravity and materials.

It is by no means an end-design as some things like axle-positions still need to be calculated and moved. The roof will come off in sections and all sides will fold down to a level platform or be removed. One side will be for mount/dismount and cockpit sitting/photos, while the other side will be platform only, (bollards all around), for group photos and uninterrupted views and photography.

The Viper will be side-loaded on it’s dolly trolleys and once in position, they will be removed and it will stay on the trailer permanently.

17 April 2024

I have been working my arse off to make as many knives as I can, to sell and raise the money to buy the suspension, wheels and tyres, plus the steel for the trailer build. My fantastic followers on social media answered the call when I appealed publicly and stated that without the trailer, this seven year projects goes nowhere and will never see the light of day.

Within a few days, I sold a LOT of my forged blades and had enough money to buy what I needed. On Monday morning this week, I purchased a dual axle suspension kit, (torsion suspension) plus five wheels and tyres to fit.

It arrived today. Very soon I will also order the first of the steel profiles I need to build the trailer frame.


2 thoughts on “Viper trailer/display podium.

  • Real nice fold out to enhance the exhibition at conventions! Do you think a waterproof canvas top would be easier to work with? Lots of trucks cover their cargo that way. Many pickup truck bed covers are fabric with fiberglas rods every 18 inches for strength. I have my first convention gig with the cockpit sim this month. The eight trigger switch MP3 sound effect module from amazon finished my sound system for guns, rockets, Turbo AB, etc.

    Congrats on finishing the build!


    • BuildsByBaz

      Thanks Steve. No, I want something more secure than that. Good work on your build and good luck on your first con.


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