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Cylons have a plan. So does Baz.

I decided to take a couple of leave days to work on the project. I don’t take much leave so it’s high time I did. I generated a big cutting list and set forth to cut all the stringers for module two at once. Using every scrap of plywood left over from the formers, I got most of them done then broke into a new sheet. No waste around here.

After I ran out of screws once again, I went on with some more preliminary cockpit work. I’m still sourcing and identifying items from the cockpit, but have made some awesome discoveries and managed to start accumulating some. The top fore HUD instrument panel is coming along, with some instruments still to find but I’ve managed to find some toggles that look the part and wired them up. Wire tidying later…

Also, I found an old flat screen desktop monitor in the shed, so I am going to try to hook it up to my inverter and see if it runs. If it does, then hopefully I can run some graphics on it from an Arduino.

I still haven’t sourced the square lights around the main display screen panel, so I thought I’d try my hand at replicating them with an old leftover sheet of thick perspex. If I do go this way, I’ll get some black stickers made up to cover them.


2 thoughts on “Cylons have a plan. So does Baz.

  • Hi Baz,

    Stumbled across this website, somehow, and wow, this is seriously amazing. What a talented individual you are, and possibly a Christian as well from what you wrote about using your hands so if this is the case this is awesome! I can’t wait to see the final product, and I am amazed at the level of detail you are going through to make this project – seriously impressive to say the least! I wish you all the best and will have a search around for any youtube videos that you may have put out, hopefully!! I will certainly keep checking back here to see any new posts.

    • BuildsByBaz

      G’day Andrew. Thanks for dropping in! Yes, I’m a bit if a rough Christian, but a Christian, nonetheless.



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