Viper Build

September on the Viper – Nose intake.

The auctioned Viper MK II used in the 2003 reimagined TV series and the only one of it’s kind. Mine is the Zoic digital version used in the CGI for the series and Blood and Chrome. There are slight differences, making mine the only life-sized build of it’s kind in the world. (Note the shape of the air intake.)

This week has been pretty slow. I’ve got maybe an hour over the last few days to tinker in the shed. I thought I’d start on the air intake details. Using some plywood and an old bread crate, I’ve got the very front of the frame done and the back grate, but still have to put an edge on the frame and build four front bars and louvres behind them.

Thanks to a member of the Overclockers Australia forum, who not only identified the port side cockpit switch for me, but sent me one in the mail!

Looking under the Viper, I thought I recognised the hoses from old washing machines. Straight to the rubbish pile of roadside dumpings collected and raided the pile of washing machines.
After putting the last of the stringers inside module 2, I got some time to start adding flesh to the fuselage with thick planks of foam.



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