2020 The Viper build resumes.

24 May 2020

Now that the Viper is happily protected in it’s new hangar, it’s time to clean up, realign the modules, get the wheel carts out from under it and give it all a good once over.

There’s quite a bit of warping from being left in the weather. The tarpaulins only did so much and it’s very good they were there. Most of it is fine, but pretty dirty. Cobwebs, dirt, dust and wasp nests inside the cockpit. The plywood cladding on the legs is totally destroyed by the weather, peeling and rotting. Easily fixed and I was going to change them for steel cladding anyway. If anything, the rotting wood is easier to remove now.

It was tricky levering the weight of the viper up high enough to remove the trolleys, but I got it down nice and gentle.

The electrics seem mostly intact and after a quick start-up, all works well except for a couple of twitchy lights which are easy enough to rectify.

I’ve given the cockpit a thorough brush, vacuum and wash down and it’s looking good. Time to start building!




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