Iron Man at Rise Above Cancer Convoy – Sunday 31 March 2019

Rise Above, Convoy for Cancer Families is on this Sunday in Canberra. Trucks and Motorcycles drive the route, raising money for these families in need. The convoy ends at our showgrounds, where stalls, personalities and concerts are held for the rest of the afternoon.


Iron Man has been invited to appear!

So, I’m flat chat tonight! Gearing up for Sunday at EPIC! 12 Noon until 3pm.

Checking the suit, making adjustments. Charging batteries and systems checks. Washing the stinky sweaty undersuit!

I’ve been on a crash diet for the last week and lost 3 kg. Every 100 grams I lose makes the suit more comfortable. Haircut done, to fit my rude lookin’ melon into the helmet and shaving the man-beard off tonight. A new Baz for a few days.

New stickers thanks to my mate Ken!

Come on down and support a great cause!

Luv, Baz.

31 March 2019

Today’s Cancer Convoy was just freakin’ AMAZING! Hundreds of trucks and motorcycles honking their horns right across the district to raise money for a great cause.

My crew and I had difficulty getting into the showgrounds in Canberra, even as we were part of the organised displays, but the police turned us around a couple of times, so in the end we joined the convoy to make it to the gate we needed.

Once inside, we set up our dressing studio and my two team roadies, James and Peter, got out the rattle guns and bolted me into the suit.

We got absolutely MOBBED all afternoon. Kids and adults alike, lining up, high fives and fist bumps, getting photos with Iron Man. Bands were playing Johnny Diesel bashed out a few tunes and lots of other entertainment, food and markets.

Big day. I’m stuffed.


Image credit – James Mouat

My two roadies, James and Peter. James is responsible for all the electronics wiring and coding in the suit, while Peter has been my IT rock for years, hosting my builds website and solving a myriad of challenges for me when I break the internet.




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