Last week we had an awesome time at the Canberra hospital in the paediatric ward with the kids!

The Starlight captains were so much fun and a tremendous source of entertainment to the kids and my team! I admitted from the outset that they would be doing all the singing and dancing and I was just there to look cool, but we all warmed up and had a blast!

Mr reliables, James and Shane kept the ball rolling all the way, as usual faithfully making sure I was comfortable and watered.

The kids were so brave and it was a heavy hit to the heart to know that some of them were there for the long haul. One of the mums tearfully thanked me so much, I got going on the way out and had to lower my faceplate to discreetly regain my composure.

Starlight Children’s Foundation has kindly provided some choice photos from the evening, to feed back to all those of you who supported my team and I through the three year gruelling build of the suit. We can’t show you some of the other photos of kids in sensitive condition, but I would like to pass on that they were indeed visited, and I am quite certain it made their day.

On behalf of my team and I, Starlight Children’s Foundation and all the kids, THANK YOU SO MUCH all of you who supported, encouraged and helped us get here!

Love you’s all!





One thought on “WE FINALLY DID IT!!

  • Keith and Hamish

    hey Baz

    We’ve been building an ironman suit out of cardboard. Yours is amazingly awesome. We think it’s probably better than the ones they used on set!
    We also like how you visit kids in hospital, thank you for doing such important work.


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