Fuselage Module 2 – Redux

As you may have seen in the video earlier, we made an error in the size of the formers for module 2. As simple as a decimal place in the wrong spot, it was enough to trash it and start again.

With the figures triple-checked, I’ve re-printed the templates and cut all the new formers for module 2. Now that I look at the photos of the previous attempt, it is obvious there was something not quite right. Now seen, can’t be unseen.

The second batch of formers has a much more pronounced widening from former 7 to former 14. This time I’ve cut a large square hole, centred in the formers. A welded steel box frame will slide through and attach to all the formers, space them, square them and provide crucial support from the front and rear attachment points at the ends of module one and the cockpit firewall.

The steel arrived so a very excited me set immediately to task, cutting it all up and fitting it into the formers, ready for welding.

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