Take 2:

My anonymous benefactor has just made me feel like a kid again!! The genuine fabric for the Viper Pilot flight suit is amazing. Nothing like what I imagined. So glad I didn’t try to source a near enough alternative in Australia, just guessing from photos. Every photo I’ve seen of it looks different. He’s even gone to the trouble to trace out the entire pattern for me. Totally blown away by such kindness.

I have a family member who is a seasoned seamstress and she has agreed to work with me on this. I will be spending some time sitting with her to familiarise her with the screen-used suit and all of it’s attributes.

EDIT: Due to many factors that affect a person’s life, I ended up finding a tailor close by, who has worked in costuming in a number of big budget, mainstream movies and TV series. He agreed to take on the challenge. (Believe me it’s not an easy suit to build). I have indeed, been blessed!


The samples sent to me by my benefactor were super handy. The guy at the fabric store actually worked on the costumes for the sci-fi series, “Farscape”, so he knew what he was on about and was very helpful. The local materials he found as an alternative differ in texture, but that can’t be helped as the original is so unique and discontinued years ago. The colour properties are also different, but unless compared side by side, not many would notice. The camera tends to exaggerate that difference, but to the eye it is close. I also bought piping cotton and the foam to stitch into the back scales.