Viper Build

No noise on the nose at night.

Working on the Viper at night is really difficult in the suburbs. Not only my own family sleeping, but trying not to upset the neighbours with a jigsaw or impact driver.

To optimise my time, I do the measuring and marking of what has to be cut in the later hours, then the next day I do nuts with the jigsaw and belt sander as soon as I get home before everyone starts going to bed. Seems to be working out OK.

This first couple of metres of the nose is only half of it. There’s still another nearly 2 metres before I hit the firewall at the front of the cockpit. The formers are in the process of being squared up. They are all spaced on the rotating spar to their correct distances, centre to centre except the ends. The rear former is squared with a couple of steel braces on the spar, then each former forward is squared using plywood stringers. Once they are all done, I have to put in some vertical stringers to keep it square once the spar and braces are removed.


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