Viper Build

Foaming at the nose.

To start building the body of the fuselage in layers, I found some Sikabond foam construction adhesive at Bunnings. Messy stuff, but does the job well and once you understand how it flows, sticks, spreads and behaves generally, you get the hang of it pretty quick.

The foam I am using is a combination of soft and hard, but when it’s free recycled packaging and produce boxing, one can’t be too fussy. At the end of the day, once shaped, it will be coated in fibreglass anyway. I’ve built it high and then done some rough shape-cutting with the hot wire cutter. The nose was a little tricky because of all the angles, so the next spaces between formers should be a lot easier.


I think my hot-wire cutter is running a little cool at nearly two feet long, so i’m going to have to hit the calculator and see what I need do do to turn up the heat.

Later tonight/tomorrow afternoon I might get a chance to shape it more with a rasp and sandpaper. I have shaped foam before in a small scale and it’s surprising how smooth you can get it. Larger surfaces are obviously easier than intricate hand-models.

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