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Mk II Colonial Viper related reference links.

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! (Building a MkII Colonial Viper)

When you want to build something you’ve never actually beheld in person before, sometimes photographs on the internet are all you have. Photographs can tend to be underexposed, overexposed, fuzzy/blurry and of such low resolution that you can’t make out important details. Video can help as you can see the shape of your chosen object, move and turn, giving away more than a two dimensional photograph.

The more reference material you have the better. Different angles and light can really help you see the shape of things and give a sense of scale, depth and texture. Drawings, blueprints and sketches can also help with the hard lines. Whether you are building a life size replica, or a scale model, it all helps.

This page will be compiled with links to Viper related information and photo reference to everything from the cockpit, exterior, uniform and accessories. If anyone else has links to galleries or websites of value, please comment below.




CGI renders by Zoic

BSG Archives
Renders and pictures from the new Battlestar Galactica Series. Photos by Lee Stringer.



Steve Fronczek’s Galactiguise website.

Welcome to

Battlestar Galactica Wiki

Colonial Viper Mark II (Battlestar Galactica – Re-Imagined)

Galactica TV

Felgacarb’s Viper Pilot Flight suit.

BSG Prop Auction – Last day! Photos by Aaron Harvey

BSG Prop Auction - Last day!

BSG Prop Auction II – Starbuck’s Viper. Photos by Aaron Harvey.

Starbuck's Mark II Viper


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