Viper Build

Viper DRADIS and weapon systems screens

*This page will be updated with the electronics systems work in progress.

Cockpit display screens.

My friend Andrew W. has created all the graphics for both the displays in the cockpit. He’s even made a startup logo for me in the form of a Colonial fleet logo with my namesake on it! Fantastic work Andrew!


Power source – 12V car starter pack with inverter. Generously supplied by David M.

Thanks to my friend David M. I now have both the main Dradis screen and the smaller 8 inch systems display screen. They don’t need a computer, just a pen drive or SD card, which simplifies things tremendously. The large monitor is the right size for the main DRADIS display in front of the pilot, but I’ve covered the sides a little and centre a 4:3 ratio screen on it.

The small monitor is out of a car and has a lot of features, including touch screen and bluetooth among other things, which may prove handy.

Not only has David found all the equipment for me, but he’s been able to take Andrew’s brilliant MP4 files and format them for the physical hardware I have, through some trial and error to get them working.


Full DRADIS run!

I have indeed been blessed with a group of people who have gone above and beyond to help me with this full-sized viper build. My good friend Andrew W has been working tirelessly, hour after hour, night after night to send me test videos as he works towards the final draft, and here it is! Bloody brilliant job Andrew!


7 thoughts on “Viper DRADIS and weapon systems screens

  • Ged MacDonald

    G’day Baz ,

    Not sure if this is any help , but was cruising the net and went on ‘ Modeller’s Miniatures & Magic ‘ website . There’s a guy on there selling a 1/17 Scale Viper II kit .
    Thing is , in his collection of photos of the 3-D printed kit , there seem to be good quality examples of the original prop cockpit interior .
    Just thought it might be worth checking out , if you haven’t already .
    Sending this via email , cause I’m not sure what the protocol is regarding passing on info of another website from the RPF site ?

    ? Ged

    ? Ged

    • Barry Armstead

      Thanks Ged. I’ll take a look.


    • Barry Armstead

      Had a look. The cockpit is substantially different from the screen used prop and the Zoic 3D render equivalent, making it unusable. Pity… thanks for the suggestion though. Baz.

  • Spencer M.

    I was wondering if there is any way I could get a copy of that software to use in my car.
    Thanks, Cheers.

    • BuildsByBaz

      Sorry mate, I had to get permission to use it myself, as it was made exclusively for this build. It shouldn’t be to hard to replicate though, if you know a good video editor.


  • Loving your work and your site! I’m making 3D build of the cockpit for a 3D Viper and all your hard work building this has really helped me along, especially figuring out all those instrument gauges! Just want to give you a big thanks for sharing all your hard work with the world!!


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