Viper DRADIS and weapon systems screens

*This page will be updated with the electronics systems work in progress.

Assembling the pilot display screens.

To perform the task of the main DRADIS screen in the cockpit, I have had a dig through the shed and found a monitor the perfect size, a power source, (12V with inverter) on loan from a friend and the guts out of an old PC. If I can get this old junker going it might cost me nothing. I think it might have XP OS on it, or older. All I need it to do is run the display video on a loop.

My friend Andrew W. has created a couple of very accurate screens for both the displays in the cockpit, so once I get them loaded it’s just a matter of fitting the hardware into the panel. Exciting stuff!



Power source – 12V car starter pack with inverter.

After much messing around and getting in a couple of computer boffins, we have made the decision to trash the above unit. It is too old, glitchy, has compatibility issues and just not worth it. Back to the drawing board.

Phase 2

Thanks to David M. I now have a new screen! It doesn’t need a computer, just a pen drive, which simplifies things tremendously. The monitor is the right size for the main DRADIS display in front of the pilot, but I need to cover the sides a little and centre a 4:3 ratio screen on it.

The green Viper Systems Display, (VSD) pictured on screen is actually for a physically smaller monitor/screen that I have yet to find that needs to measure 160mm x 90mm.


3 thoughts on “Viper DRADIS and weapon systems screens

  • December 2, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    G’day Baz ,

    Not sure if this is any help , but was cruising the net and went on ‘ Modeller’s Miniatures & Magic ‘ website . There’s a guy on there selling a 1/17 Scale Viper II kit .
    Thing is , in his collection of photos of the 3-D printed kit , there seem to be good quality examples of the original prop cockpit interior .
    Just thought it might be worth checking out , if you haven’t already .
    Sending this via email , cause I’m not sure what the protocol is regarding passing on info of another website from the RPF site ?

    🍺 Ged

    🍺 Ged

    • December 2, 2017 at 10:52 pm

      Thanks Ged. I’ll take a look.


    • December 2, 2017 at 10:56 pm

      Had a look. The cockpit is substantially different from the screen used prop and the Zoic 3D render equivalent, making it unusable. Pity… thanks for the suggestion though. Baz.


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