Viper MkII Landing Gear

I’m working on the undercarriage now that the main fuselage is almost done and is in need of support instead of umpteen saw-horses. Lots of geometry here.

My intent is to build the outer fascia in plywood box-sections to get the shape and size right, based on original concept drawings. I can then place steel square hollow sections, (SHS), inside and weld a solid frame within.  The landing gear will not articulate, but rather be solid pieces that are placed under the Viper during assembly and bolted into the frame underneath.

I have a fair bit of structure experience, but as I am not an engineer, I am going for absolute overkill on this. I’d rather spend extra dollars on heavier material for support, than have any doubt about it’s ability to support the ship and a live load of one person. Law-suits are way more expensive.


Working on the front skid first, I’ve welded doubled SHS inside the foot, with a rigid strut of doubled SHS at 15 degrees, as per specs of the original build. Once I’m happy that the whole leg inside is rigid and strong, I will fix the cladding to it and clean it up.

Adding the articulated leg-brace behind was a simple matter of getting creative with whatever I had in the shed. Leftover round offcuts from the ammo turning and some PVC pipe, with a bit of plywood and silver paint.




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